Hi, we’re FORGE of BITS!

Below you can find a basic information about us in the form of simple Java class.
We’re aware that this kind of joke might not be funny to everyone – in that case just send us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to respond! 🙂

package com.forgeofbits.core;

public class AboutUs {

    private Company fobCompany;

    public AboutUs() {

    private void initFob() {
        fobCompany = new Company.CompanyBuilder()
                .setName("Forge of Bits")
                .setDesc("We're a small company that specializes in Android app DEVELOPMENT and DESIGN.")
                .setFoundDate(new Date(1446418800000))
                .setMinHourlyRate(calculateHourlyRate(), "$")
                .setLocation(49.881743, 20.092127)

    private int calculateHourlyRate() {
        return ('$'-'!') * ('+'-'&') + ('/'-'%');

    public Company getFobCompany() {
        return fobCompany;